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Corinthian released a sahcet product for the SFL Collection. These sachets had a clear window in them, allowing you to see which figure you were buying, with each sachet containing 1 figure, collector card and SFL Collection collectors information file.


There were 4 teams represented, Celtic, Heart of Midlothian, Hibernian and Rangers, with 4 players being released per team, making a total of 16 to collect. This product was distributed in a CDU (counter display unit) with each box containing the 16 sachets, however distribution was limited solely to stores in Scotland.


I am very confident that the 16 figures i list here are the 16 which were in the range but i do not have an official list and given the nature of the product, finding sealed sachet images is problematic, so if any collector reading this has any images of the SFL Collection sachets, please email me

SFL Collection Sachet - Front

SFL Collection Sachet - Back

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