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Following on from the success of the English Premiership FAPL figures, Corinthian decided to release a range of figures consisting of players from the top teams in the Scottish Premiership, creating the SFL Collection.


The 5 teams chosen for release were- Aberdeen, Celtic, Hearts, Hibernian, and Rangers. All though a relatively small release, consisting of just 38 figures, it was a very fine one with many great sculpts but due to the lack of popularity in their native Scotland, no further figures were made.


The figures were released throughout 1996, starting in January with the release of some Celtic figures and ending in October. This range featured many first time sculpts, the majority of which have never been released again. Only Celtic and Rangers have had more figures released after this range, as for the other 3 teams, these are the only figures Corinthian ever made.


As was customary practice for Corinthian, they sculpted more figures than they intended to release, they did this in case a player moved clubs before they had chance to release the figure, this meant some sculpts were used in promotional shots that were never actually released, indeed 3 unreleased master models were pictured in the collectors information file that came with the figures!


Corinthian had intended to release the Rangers players in the 1996/97 kit as well, but sadly this failed to materialize but the master models were made and pictures have emerged showing them in the 96/97 kit!

The range was fully licensed by the SFL and all the clubs which meant the figures were painted in official club kits along with the sponsorship logo.


As with the FAPL range, Corinthian ran a Free Figure offer with this release and it could not have been easier to claim your free figure(s) Every figure came with what Corinthian called 'Premier Pounds' and you used these pounds to 'buy' free figures. Each figure came with £500,000 worth of premier pounds and you needed £4,000,000 to claim a free figure, so buying just 8 figures gave you enough to claim a free figure.


Corinthian also produced both 12 and 14 player display stands, which came complete with a special SFL COLLECTION backing card. These display stadiums were available to buy from both retail outlets and direct from Corinthian priced at £5.99.


Along with the usual packaging formats of single and multi blister packs, Corinthian also released these figures in single retail sachets these were individual figures packaged inside a sachet which had a clear window so you could see the player you were buying. These were available in counter top display boxes, which contained 16 sachets per box. Corinthian issued these for people who were non-too fussed about collecting them on blister packaging and treating them as a collectable, more for people who simply wanted the figure to display or indeed play with.


The teams released in single retail sachet were-Celtic, Rangers, Hearts, Hibernian. These packs are very seldom seen for sale due to the nature of the product as it was not intended to be a collectable but over time avid collectors have sought to collect every figure on every format, making these packs very desirable amongst those collectors.


Each figure came issued with a collector card and also a collectors information file.


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