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Corinthian worked in collaboration with the Dutch lottery Staatsloterij to produce a range of figures featuring players from the top 3 clubs in the Dutch Eredivisie, the top domestic league in The Netherlands. The 3 teams chosen were Ajax, Feyendoord and PSV Eindhoven.


These figures were not released in Corinthians usual blister pack, instead they were released in clear sealed sachets, with each club also have a 4 pack produced. This range of figures were not issued with collector cards and no collector file was produced either.


The figures were on sale wherever lottery tickets were sold and could be purchased for around £2. Unlike most ranges Corinthian have released these were not all released at the same time, instead, they were released in stages with the first few hitting the shelves in December 1996,with the last set coming out in January of 1998.


In my opinion this was a very good promotion as it ran for some time and gave the collector every chance to get the figures without having to spend a lot of money at once buying the whole collection.


The vast amount of these sculpts were never used again by Corinthian. Without doubt the gem of this set is of course Winston Bogarde for Ajax, he is the only figure out of the 34 released not to have been released in the staatsloterij sachet although one collector does own a Bogarde in sealed sachet which was a promotional piece!


The only way to add the Bogarde to your collection was direct from Corinthian in clear sachet format but this figure was very quickly sold out, hence its rarity amongst collectors today.


After this promotion finished Corinthian never again acquired the license for the Dutch Eredivisie so no more figures were released from these clubs as Headliners/Prostars.


Truly a fine addition to any collection with many fine sculpts and detailed kit replication. One fact that is worth mentioning is that in a few of the Cointhian guides John Veldman is listed as being released as part of this set, sadly he was not released and the listing was merely a mistake, but a master model of him does exist.


To see the range of figures released, please click the link buttons below.



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