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Corinthian looked to get their product into as many retail outlets as possible, understanding that some stores would want to stock the range but would sadly not have the required space to properly display the blister packs, the solution to this was the Super Stars Secret Sachet.


The sachets were sent to stores inside a CDU (counter display unit) more commonly known as a box, with each box containing 16 sachets.


Sadly I do not have an official list of which figures are actually included in the secret sachet release, however I strongly feel it is the initial 80 figures, which equated to 4 of each of the 20 Premiership teams, as this would make the most sense as the sachets were released at the same time as the initial blister packs.


The FAPL Collection Secret Sachets contained 1 randomly packed figure, coming with collector card and collectors information leaflet.

Thank you to Christopher Cooke for sending me the images of the FAPL Collection Super Stars Display Box (CDU)

FAPL Collection

Super Stars Secret Sachet - Front

FAPL Collection

Super Stars Secret Sachet - Back

FAPL Collection Super Stars Sachet Display Box (CDU)

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