Vicenza have had just the one figure released by Corinthian as part of the Italian SuperStars range, in fact this would be the only figure for Vicenza that Corinthian would ever release, that figure is Marcelo Otero.

Without doubt this figure is one of the rarest figures ever released, with the figure being released as part of the second wave of Italian Superstars Headliners back in July of 1997. Due largely to limited production and restricted distribution, it has become one of the most elusive figures and highly sought after.

I personally feel Otero gets over looked in terms of his rarity, i do not put him in the same bracket as Stroppa, Schwarz and Andersson, however he is not far off it and i have seen fewer of Otero over the years than i have Morfeo, Amoruso or Cruz.

Otero for Vicenza was released in blister pack and came with collector card and information leaflet.


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Marcelo Otero


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