Like 6 of the 13 teams featured in this range, Napoli had just the 1 figure released but what a figure it was!

The man chosen to represent this historic club was Brazilian international defender 'Andre alves da Cruz.'


A fantastic sculpt this is too and one which captures the player perfecly. He impressed at Napoli and secured a move to Italian giants AC Milan in 1997, shortly after his figure was released.


The figure was released as part of the second wave of Italian Superstars and as a result is very rare indeed. Although not quite as rare as the likes of Andersson, Stroppa or Schwarz, but then again very few are, however i would always add him in that bracket down with Otero, Morfeo and Amoruso.

 Andre Cruz has never been released by Corinthian again making this figure all the more collectable and desirable amongst collectors, espeically those with an affiliation to AC Milan.

Cruz was released in blister pack and came with collector card and information leaflet.



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Andre Cruz


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