Here is one of the rarest figures Corinthian have ever released, Kennet Andersson for Bolgona. This figure was, for a long time, regarded as the rarest figure ever released but i feel he has dropped down to number 3 behind Stroppa and Schwarz but he is by no means easy to find!

Originally released in Italy as part of the second series of Italian Superstars back in July of 1997 and he has hardly been seen for sale in the secondary market since.


Corinthian did, however, manage to obtain a very limited number of Andersson's in clear sachet format which were available for sale at the inaugural collectors convention in 1999. The price for this figure was just £5, oh to have access to a time machine!

 Reasons as to why the Andersson figure is so rare are not uncommon, low production volume, limited distribution but it is perhaps the fact that he was the only figure released for Bologna that contributed more to his rarity.

 Kennet Andersson still resides on many collectors wanted lists and if he ever appears on any auction sites then sit back and watch the bids fly in for him, with his collector card being as sought after as his figure.

Kennet Andersson was released in single blister and came with collector card and information leaflet.


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Kennet Andersson


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