April 1996 saw Corinthian release a set of 4 Hibernian figures, as part of the SFL Collection. The 1995/96 figures had them with shirt sponsor of CALOR.

The 4 figures for Hibs are goal keeper Jim Leighton, Keith Wright, Kevin Harper and Pat McGinlay, all were first time sculpts and would only be released again wearing the Hibernian 1996/97 kit with Carlsberg as the shirt sponsor.

The figures are not considered rare and are easily found loose, however like the Hearts ones, finding them in blister can be tricky.

In the collector's information file that came with the figures there was actually a 5th Hibernian figure imaged, which was Darren Jackson, with his collector code listed as SP13, however this figure was cancelled and never released, all that remains is his Unreleased Master Model!

Also on that information file was an image of the SFP 12 figure display stand, with an unused sculpt of Keith Wright on there, i can only assume the sculpt was never approved and Corinthian changed it to the version which was eventually released.

All 4 were released as single blisters with collector card and information file.


SP3 - Jim Leighton - Hibernian - Home

SP23 - Keith Wright- Hibernian - Home

SP33 - Kevin Harper - Hibernian - Home

SP43 - Pat McGinay - Hibernian - Home

Jim Leighton

Hibernian - Calor

Home 1995/96


Keith Wright

Hibernian - Calor

Home 1995/96


Kevin Harper

Hibernian - Calor

Home 1995/96


Pat McGinlay

Hibernian - Calor

Home 1995/96