Corinthian collaborated with Japanese toy manufacturer and distributor Epoch to create a range of figures of the Professional Wrestlers of NJPW (New Japan Professional Wrestling)

Outside of the football figures, this is by far my absolute favourite set of figures, not just because i am a huge wrestling fan but the figures themselves are such wonderful sculpts and of the highest quality, which was always the case when Epoch was involved.

The set consists of 13 different figures but only 9 different wrestlers, as 3 have 2 different versions and there is also a ultra limited chaser figure to collect!

Tiger Mask (real name Satoro Sayama) is nothing short of an icon in Japan and revered in the highest regard within the sport of professional wrestling and his figure is instantly recognisable. Due to his god like status, the decision was taken to make a Chaser version of him, which has him on a red base, finding this chaser version is incredibly difficult.

Those who watched WCW in the mid 90's and during the Monday Night Wars will remember the next 2, Jyushin Thunder Lyger (Keiichi Yamada) and Great Muta (Keiji Mutoh). Both Muta and Lyger and legends in Wrestling and still performing today (2021) with Lyger also appearing on WWE NXT in 2020.

Great Muta was released with Red face paint and an alternate version of him wearing Gold face paint, with the Red face paint being the most recognised version of him, just a shame he was not sculpted with green tongue from having blinded his opponent with his poison mist.

Thunder Lyger was done in his iconi Red, White and Blue outfit in wave 1, while the wave 2 version has him in a Silver, Red and White outfit.

Antonio Inoki was done with a Red towel and a Blue towel around his shoulders, this was a very easy re paint figure to release, with the Red towel version forming part of the initial wave released in August of 98, while the Blue towel came out in wave 2 in mid 1999.

Riki Chosyu,Tastsumi Fujinami, Shinya Hashimoto, Kensuke Sasaki and Masahiro Chono all had just one figure released.

All 13 were released as single blisters, with the blisters being slightly taller than a standard Corinthian blister.

Figure List:

EPW001 - Antonio Ionki - Red Towel

EPW002 - Riki Chosyu

EPW003 - Tatsumi Fujinami

EPW004 - Great Muta - Gold Face Paint

EPW005 - Masahiro Chono

EPW006 - Shinya Hashimoto

EPW007 - Jyushin Thunder Lyger - Red Mask

EPW008 - Kensuke Sasaki

EPW009 - Tiger Mask

EPW009 - Tiger Mask - Chaser - Red Base

EPW010 - Antonio Inoki - Blue Towel

EPW011 - Great Muta - Red Face Paint

EPW012 - Jyushin Thunder Lyger - Silver Mask

Antonio Inoki

Red Towel


Riki Chosyu


Tatsumi Fujinami


Great Muta

Gold Face Paint


Masahiro Chono


Shinya Hashimoto


Jyushin Thunder Lyger

Red Mask


Kensuke Sasaki


Tiger Mask


Tiger Mask

Chaser - Red Base


Antonio Inoki

Blue Towel


Great Muta

Red Face Paint


Jyushin Thunder Lyger

Silver Mask