The Italian legend that is Roberto Mancini was the figure chosen to be released in the colours of Sampdoria as part of the Italian Superstars range of figures.

Mancini is not nearly as rare as some of the other Italian release figures but he is still up there amongst some of the hardest to find figures, perhaps in the same bracket as Savicevic and Rossi.

 Although only 1 figure was released for Sampdoria, Corinthian had intended to release at least 1 more, this was supposed to be  French international Christian Karembeu, however the dreadlock sporting Frenchman secured a move to Real Madrid, so his figure was cancelled.

Karembeu was actually listed in the Corinthian collector guide 1999 as having been released, eve being assigned a collector code which was SER044, but he never made it to general sale, so just the master model exists.


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Roberto Mancini


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