Atalanta had just the one figure released back in July of 1997 as part of the Italian Superstars range of Headliners, however it is one of the rarest Corinthians ever released, which is Domenico Morfeo!

 Like the majority of the figures released in the second wave of Italian Superstars Morfeo is very hard to come by and i would place him at 6th in terms of rarity from this release. Morfeo is not up there with the like of Schwarz or Stroppa, he is in that bracket below and i have always likened his rarity to the same as Otero, Amoruso and Cruz, still very very hard to find!

 If anything set Morfeo apart from the rest it was the fact that he had his first name initial on the back of his shirt, which was somewhat of a rarity for Corinthian to do this, with the back of his shirt being printed as D.MORFEO

Morfeo was released in single blister and came with collector card and information leaflet.


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Domenico Morfeo


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