Corinthian acquired the licenses for 6 of Germany's top domestic club sides with March of 1998 seeing the first wave being released which contained figures from these 4 club sides-Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, VFB Stuttgart and Werder Bremen.

A second wave of figures was released in May of 1998 comprising of these 2 new teams-1860 Munich and Borussia Monchengladbach

The name given to this particular release was STAR KICKERS and was released as part of the HEADLINERS range of figures. They were distributed by toy company BAN DAI throughout Germany initially but again; later on, corinthian did manage to obtain limited stock, which was subsequently sold through their official stockists and also at the conventions. Collectors were able to buy the figures in sachet format direct from Corinthian if they were a member of the Corinthian collectors club.

This range of figures proved very popular, both in their native Germany and also with collectors world wide, due to that popularity many of these figures remain highly collectable today and held their value.

The range consisted of 48 figures, most of which have never been released again, with many fine sculpts were included in this range . All in all this is a very fine set of figures, with many original sculpts and detailed kit replications, most of which were never used again. It is a shame they never released a second series of figures from the Bundesliga(although it was planned!)

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