Following on from the success of the England national Headliners range, Corinthian released a new range of figures consisting of players from the English Premiership, called the FAPL Collection, with the range hitting the shops in November 1995.

Corinthian released figures from each of the 20 English Premiership teams who competed in the 1995/96 season and continued to release figures in this range up until the end of the 97/98 season, when they changed the brand name to ProStars.

The figures were released on a variety of packaging formats which included single blister packs, 4 packs, 12 pakcs, 14 packs, single window boxes, 4 figure gift packs and also a secret sachet range, with the most popular amongst collectors being the single blister pack.

Some of the figures released in this range have become very hard to get over time, especially those from the lesser supported clubs.

I have written a far more detailed and in depth review of the FAPL Collection, which can be viewed by clicking on the link button below 'FAPL Collection History'

Every figure released as part of the FAPL Collection is detailed, along with all packaging formats, collector cards and any variants that occurred. Every effort has been made to ensure this is as accurate and comprehensive as possible, however i do still need to add some images to make it complete.

To see which figures were released for each team, please click on the link buttons below.