This set of 4 Wrestler was not released by Corinthian, but solely by Epoch, the company who Corinthian worked with on the NJPW range of Headliners. Despite these not being a Corinthian figure i have still decided to include them here, as they are amongst my favourite figures and look superb next to the Corinthian NJPW set.

There are only 4 in the set, which are Tiger Mask, Great Zebra, Red Death Mask and Mr X, all 4 sculpts are absolutely incredible and highly detailed, Epoch always took that extra step to ensure the figures were painted very finely. The figure of Mr. X has a hat which can be taken off, a very nice touch which i felt was worth mentioning.

It is very difficult to down play just how rare these figures are, i have a complete loose set in my personal collection but that took me about a decade to acquire and in 20 years i have never seen any blisters for sale and know of just one collector who has a full set of all 4 blisters!

All 4 were released as single blisters.

Figure List:

EPC001 - Tiger Mask

EPC002 - Great Zebra

EPC003 - Red Death Mask

EPC004 - Mr. X

Thanks go to Jim Pinder & Gregg Dubner for providing me the blister pack images.

Tiger Mask


Great Zebra


Red Death Mask


Mr. X